Welcome to Upper Allen Township!

  • Board of Commissioners Meeting Agenda

    The Board of Commissioners Meeting Agendas are made available to the public in advance of the meeting to provide notice of some anticipated topics. The Agenda topics can, and may, be amended up to and including during the meeting at the discretion of the Township.

  • Board of Commissioners Meeting Minutes

    The Commissioners are pleased to provide this online service, which now makes it possible for the public to have current and accurate information on all actions taken by the Board. Minutes are posted online after they have been approved by the Board, as according to law.

  • Volunteer Form

    Please fill out this form and return it to:

    Sharon Shipman, Administrative Assistant

    Address: 100 Gettysburg Pike, Mechanicsburg, PA  17055

    Email: sshipman@uatwp.org

    Fax:  717.796.9833

  • Development Project News

    Questions regarding these or other developments within the Township may be directed to the Community Development Department.