Diehl Road Update

Late last year UGI undertook a construction project to increase the capacity of natural gas in the local area.  Construction started in Silver Spring Township, extended into Monroe Township along Sinclair Road and into Upper Allen Township along Diehl Road, up S. York Street towards the PA Turnpike, through vacant land across from the Auto Auction, through Webercroft development, and stopped at the former Book of the Month Club  along S. Market St.

Upper Allen Township had an inspector on site to make sure temporary road restoration was done after road excavation was completed.  Because the work was completed in late fall and the plant that makes asphalt was shut down for the season temporary paving was installed.  The asphalts plants do not open back up until around April 15.  The township engineer is working to confirm the road restoration schedule.  The schedule will be posted once confirmed.

Upper Allen has an ordinance that requires a contractor to pave at least one travel lane when a street opening is longer than 10 feet and wider than three (3) feet.  In instances where both sides are opened, both travel lanes must be overlaid.   The township engineer is continuing to coordinate with UGI on the extent of road restoration.  It is the Township’s position that both lanes need to be overlaid.


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