Water Distribution System Testing for Center Square Area

SUEZ technicians will be conducting water supply maintenance and pressure checks in the water distribution system serving the Center Square area of Upper Allen Township.  This work will begin on the afternoon of April 25 and continue through May 3.  This could result in some customers experiencing slight pressure variations during certain hours.  The company’s Center Square service area consists of the following streets:

Atland Drive
Bauman Court
Beilman Court
Brunswick Avenue
Buckingham Avenue
Cocklin Court
Cope Drive, North
Cope Drive, South
Derbyshire Avenue
Emily Drive
Fenwick Avenue
Fleming Drive
Foribunda Lane
Glime Drive
Granada Lane
Grandia Floria Drive
Grantham Road
Gregor Court
Hawthorne Avenue
Herman Drive
Kower Court
Kower Drive
Lancelot Avenue
Lobach Drive
Merrimac Avenue
Norfolk Court
Paul Circle
Rosegarden Blvd., East
Rosegarden Blvd., North
Rosegarden Blvd., South
Rosegarden Blvd., West
Sheffield Ave
Shoff Court
Stumpstown Road
West Lisburn Road
Wakefield Avenue
White Dawn Lane



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