Electronics Recycling Center

The Cumberland County Electronics Recycling Center is now open to the public.  The facility is located at 1001 Claremont Road in Middlesex Township, Carlisle, PA.  The recycling center will accept televisions, mobile devices, computers and accessories, entertainment equipment, data center equipment and cable equipment.  There is a small fee to help offset the County’s cost of recycling the electronics.  For more information about the recycling center, please select the following links:

Press Release E-Center Opening

FAQ Page

Update:  We are noticing some people are disassembling their TV’s and just bringing in the tube to try and “save” money.   Not only is it dangerous (risk of getting shocked), but the county’s contract does not allow for bare tubes.  Transportation is the reason.  It is near impossible to easily package bare tubes in a manner not conducive to breaking during transportation.


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