Sinkhole on Cumberland Parkway

A sinkhole opened up under the eastbound lane of Cumberland Parkway on Saturday evening. Sinkholes are prevalent throughout Cumberland County due to the geology and the numerous underground springs. The road will be closed for several days while crews repair the 30 foot deep by 30 wide sinkhole. Specialized heavy equipment has to be brought in due to the depth of the sinkhole. In addition, a gas line and sewer line are also exposed and suspended about 12 feet down. Passenger cars will be detoured around the construction site. Trucks will be detoured using Gettysburg Pike to S. Market St heading east and west. Preliminary estimates are that the road will be closed for 2-3 days. Stay tuned for updates.

Update: 3:38 p.m., August 28, 2017

Work is progressing better than expected. The good news is the sinkhole was only 18 feet deep. Rogele exposed the throat of the sinkhole and lined it with geotextile material and is currently being filled with #4 stone. Once the hole is filled just below where the utilities are located, the sewer pipe that was cut will be repaired along with the UGI gas line that was also removed. We are currently by-pass pumping around the sinkhole from manhole to manhole. UGI is on site but will not be able to make the repairs until tomorrow morning. Once the hole is filled to street level it will have to sit a few days to allow for settlement before putting down blacktop. We are tentatively working to open Cumberland Parkway and get traffic around the sinkhole by late tomorrow afternoon by utilizing the center turn lane.




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