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Upper Allen Township received the Governor’s Award for Local Government Excellence in recognition of accomplishments in the community

(Left to Right) Governor Tom Wolf, Commissioner Paul Rigney, Commissioner Ken Martin, Rana Kirby (Representative Delozier’s Office), Township Manager Lou Faze-kas, Department of Community and Economic Development Secre-tary Dennis M. Davin


On April 12, 2017, Upper Allen Township received the Governor’s Award for Local Government Excellence in recognition of accomplishments in the community. The award, “Building Community Partnerships,” was presented to Upper Allen Township by Governor Tom Wolf at the Governor’s residence in Harrisburg. This is the sec-ond successive year Upper Allen was recognized by the Governor for Local Gov-ernment Excellence.

2015 Major Accomplishments

2016 Major Accomplishments

Administration and Finance

·                     Published new Township website.

·                     Researched requirements to go paperless during Board of Commissioners meetings.  Implementation is scheduled for first quarter 2016.

·                     Developed policy, procedures and ordinance for 800 MHz Radio Certification.  Commercial business over 32,000 square feet must certify radio coverage throughout building.  Upper Allen is first municipality in Cumberland County to mandate certification.

·                     Executed Year 2nd of 5-Year Transportation Development District (TDD) Agreement whereby commercial property owners in the industrial park agree to share engineering costs to relocate Gettysburg Road to Century Drive.  Construction starts in late 2016.

·                     Updated 15-Year Roadway Management Plan.  Paved and/or repaired approximately 40 Township owned roads.  Kept costs within 1% of budget.

·                     Continued efforts to Update 2002 Park and Recreation Comprehensive Plan.  Held numerous meetings throughout the year in preparation for final report, which is expected to be completed in late first or early quarter 2016.  Completed Winding Hills Park Master Plan.

·                    In September 2015 received Government Finance Officers Association (GFOA) award for Certified Annual Financial Report (CAFR) for Excellence in Financial Reporting.

·                    Held 2015 expenditures under budget by over $275,000.

·                    Received clean audit for pension and finances for calendar year 2014.

·                    Implemented new credit card payment system.

Public Works

·                     Improved traffic flow and safety along S. Market St corridor by contracting the installation of protected left turn arrows at Gettysburg Pike and S. Market St. and Bumble Bee Hollow Rd/Kim Acres and S. Market St.

·                     Coordinate with consulting engineer, C.S. Davidson, on 2015 Road Paving inspections and punch list issues.  Assisted with update on 15-Year Roadway Management Plan.

·                     Update GIS mapping to show all routes for snow removal, brush and leaf collection on all new streets dedicated to Township.  Updated MS4 stormwater pipe mapping throughout the Township.

·                     Ensured street signs are in compliance with new federally mandated reflectivity standards.

·                     Continued to implement MS4 compliance with Chesapeake Bay/DEP Pollution Reduction Plan.  Execute Phase I of MS4 improvements as outlined in Township’s MS4 Chesapeake Bay Pollutant Reduction Plan.  Installed new 20’ x 40’ rain garden at Simpson Park.

·                    Coordinated repair of street lights at S. Market St and RT15 ramps as well as fixed lights under bridge.

·                    Completed Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) permit application process for Township compost facility.  Final approval expected in 2016.

Community Development

·                    Formed committee that met several times to update Township Zoning Ordinance.   Implemented numerous ordinance changes earlier in the year.  Complete Zoning Ordinance update expected in 2016.

·                     Continued to improve transparency regarding municipal services by publishing information on Township website.  Updated GIS mapping of all snow, salt, stormwater, brush and leaf pickup routes and posted information on website.

·                    Educated Township residents on the importance of MS4 compliance.

·                    Conducted MS4 Public Outreach meeting and invited public to attend.


·                    Reduce stormwater infiltration to Grantham and Lower Allen Township sewer plant by televising and repairing/replacing damaged sewer pipes.

·                     Completed Andes Drive and Winding Hill Drive sewer pipe replacement project resulting in reduced ground water infiltration.

·                     Held Open House in October when new sewer plant administration building and garage building were completed.

·                     Televised all sewer lines in streets schedule for paving and made all repairs before road paving began.

·                     Aggressively pursued delinquent accounts resulting in lowest outstanding balance ($67,000) in over 20 years.

·                     Saved the Township over $58,000 by using Township staff to televise sewer lines instead of hiring contractor to do the work.

·                    Established Spring Run Sewer District to help share the $1.2 million cost to increase the size of the existing sewer pipe to handle increased flows.  Entered into sewer agreement with Messiah Village to handle sewer capacity as part of their campus expansion.

·                    Submitted DCNR grant application for Winding Hill Park Improvements.

Recreation Maintenance

·                     Assisted with update to 2002 Park and Recreation Comprehensive Plan (PRCP).  First draft was completed.  Projected completion date for PRCP is March 2016.  Winding Hill Park (East) Master Plan completed.

·                     Evaluated feasibility of contract mowing parks and incorporated additional contract mowing in 2016 budget.

·                     Brought Township into compliance with state grant by constructing walking trail from perimeter trail to tennis courts.

Administration and Finance

• Received 2nd consecutive Certified Annual Financial Report (CAFR) certification for financial excellence from Government Finance Officers Association.

• Received Governor’s Award for Local Government Excellence in category “Responding to Adversity” by working with Lower Allen Township on joint Transportation Development District (TDD).  When complete, Gettysburg Road will be realigned with Century Drive on Wesley Drive.  This $2.1 million project is being paid 100% by local business owners and $1.8 million Federal Grant.  Of the nearly $300,000 engineering costs, Upper Allen business owners are paying 89% of the cost.

• Implemented electronic Board of Commissioners meeting packet thereby reducing paper copies.

• Applied for 2016 Winter Storm snow reimbursement and received check for $34,233.

• Met with Senator Pat Vance and Department of Environmental Protection to help expedite Planning Module Exemption and Water Quality Management Permit in order to complete Spring Run Interceptor sewer project on time.  Bids came in at $642,046 resulting in a cost savings of over $500,000 (engineers estimate $1.2 million).

• Refinanced 2011 Bond at a cost savings of over $600,000.

• Exceeded 2016 revenue projections by over $500,000 and kept expenditures under budget by over $250,000.

• Entered into Developer Agreement with Legacy Park developer to extend sewer pipe from S. Market St to Allendale Road.  When complete, the project is projected to come in under budget by over $640,000 (engineers estimate $1.12 million).  In addition, the agreement includes the installation of a large stormwater pipe that will also result in additional cost savings over $110,000.

• Implemented the 3rd year of 5 year Transportation Development District (TDD) Agreement by collecting $121,928 towards engineering costs for realignment of Gettysburg Road to Century Drive.

Public Works

• Implemented the 3rd year of 15 year Roadway Management Plan, which included over $2 million in scheduled road improvements. Bids were opened and came in $200,000 under budget (8.9%).  Through active management, final actual costs came in $111,000 under bid award (6.7%).  Road improvements included Allenview development, Kim Acres Drive, and Rossmoyne Business Park.

• Applied for and received new Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) permit for compost and material storage facility.

Community Development

• Received Gold Level Sustainable Community Certification from the Pennsylvania League of Cities and City of Pittsburgh Executive Committee for policies, procedures and transparency.  First municipality in Cumberland County and surrounding counties to achieve this very prestigious award.

• Implemented 800 MHz radio certification requiring commercial buildings over 32,000 square feet to certify at least 94% radio coverage throughout building(s) with the intent to help improve the safety by improving communications for all public safety personnel (fire, police, EMS) once inside the building.

• Continued to educate residents on Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) mandated Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) compliance by educating Boy Scouts, Webelos, Girl Scouts, and township residents by conducting seminars throughout the year.  In addition, flyers were provided to Mechanicsburg Area School District to help educate kids about MS4.


• Created Sewer District that will result in recouping 50% of the costs for the Spring Run Interceptor project.

• Implemented fats, oils and grease program (FOG) for commercial food facilities.  All 29 facilities were inspected and permit issued.

• Refined delinquent sewer account process resulting in the lowest outstanding balance ever, with an outstanding balance of $50,138.

Recreation Maintenance

• Completed comprehensive update to the Township’s Parks, Recreation and Open Space Plan.

• Completed $550,000 park improvement to Winding Hills North Park that included constructing new large parking lot, stormwater facilities and several new multipurpose fields.

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