Leaf Collection Schedule for 2018

Leaf pick-up in Upper Allen Township will begin on October 15th and continue thru December 1st. If leaves are not picked up on your posted day, our crews will be back the next day to finish the posted area before they move on with the schedule. If you see a crew in your area before your posted day, then it means they are ahead of schedule; however, they will return on your designated day.



Flintlock Ridge, Holiday Crest, Park Hills, Winding Hill Development, Winding Hill Heights, Winding Hill Rd, Gettysburg Pike (PKWY to 114), Sunnyland, Webercroft, Georgetown, South Market St (Gettysburg Pike to Mechanicsburg line), Linden Wood.


Rosegarden, Ashcombe Farms, Mallard Way, Gettysburg Pike (Grantham Road to TWP line), Center Square, Country Square, Canterbury, Stumpstown Rd, Creekstone, Gettysburg Pike (Rider Lane to Grantham), Spacious Acers.


The entire Mt Allen area, Witney Ridge, Bowmans Hill, Bumble Bee Hollow, Kimberly Meadows, Allenview, Spring Run, Reservoir.


Millers Acers, Diehl Rd, Old Grove Road, Sinclair Road, Hamilton, Peachtree, Trindle Station, Country Estates, Fisher Road, S. York St, Williams Grove Road, Shepherdstown, Gettysburg Pike, Meadowview, Arborfield.


Grantham Road, Mill Road, Lisburn Road, Bowmansdale, Route 114 (Market St), Arcona Road, Ford Farm, Allen Glen, McCormick Road, Lisburn Road (Mt Allen To TWP line), Fair Oaks, Allendale & Wilson Area.

NOTE: Any leaf piles with grass, ornamental plants, sticks, or vegetation of any kind mixed in with the leaves will not be picked up. No exceptions will be made.