Republic Services (formerly York Waste) is responsible for collection of residential trash in Upper Allen Township. Each household is allowed to put out six bags of trash as well as one bulk item per week.

When putting out bulk items or items containing Freon, residents must call Republic Services at 1-800-210-9675 to schedule pickup.

General Waste Removal Helpful Hints:

  • Always place trash and recycle out the evening before the pickup day (after 6 p.m.)

  • Containers for household waste cannot exceed 32 gallons or weigh more than 50 pounds each.

  • Sprinkle a little household vinegar in the bag before you tie it shut and place it at the curb for pickup to deter animals from getting into trash bags.

  • DO NOT place hazardous waste of any type, such as insecticides, pesticides, construction and building materials, rocks, stones, concrete, car parts or similar materials as part of your weekly waste removal services.

  • Please adhere to the limit of 6 bags per household. Any extra cans or bags are an additional charge that must be prescheduled and prepaid prior to pick up by calling ahead.

Items For Recycling

  • Aluminum food and beverage containers

  • Glass food and beverage containers – brown, clear, or green

  • Bi-Metal and Steel PET plastic containers with the symbol #1 – *narrow neck containers only

  • HDPE plastic containers with the symbol #2 – *narrow neck containers such as milk and water bottles, detergent, shampoo, bleach bottles, etc. without caps

  • Plastics with symbols #3, #4, #5, #6, #7 – *narrow and screw top containers

  • Newsprint Cardboard – flattened in 2’ x 2’ bundles (may be placed in recycling bin along with other recycling)

  • Residential mixed paper (Junk Mail, magazines, glossies, telephone books, printer/copier paper)

  • Cereal Boxes

Non-Acceptable Recycling Items

  • Window or Auto glass

  • Drinking glasses

  • Mirrors

  • Light bulbs

  • Ceramic

  • Porcelain

  • Microwave trays

  • Glass cookware/bake ware

  • Unnumbered plastic items, such as: Plastic Bags, Salad/Deli containers, Plastic food tubs

  • Household items such as cooking pots, toasters, etc.

  • Batteries

  • Cardboard/Paper with wax coating or liners

  • Scrap metal

  • Siding

Bulk Items - Please call Republic Services to schedule a pickup of white goods (appliances) such as washers, dryers, refrigerators, stoves, dishwashers, air conditioners, hot water heaters.

Bulk (large) items that may be placed at the curb with your regular trash (1 large item per week) include items such as:

  • Carpet 48” maximum length rolled & tied

  • Furniture

  • Mattresses and box springs

  • Car tires only (must be off rims)

  • Scrap metal no more than 48” long

  • Discarded lawnmowers must have gasoline and motor oil removed

  • Plumbing fixtures including toilets and sinks