Board Members

  • James Cochran, Chairman

  • Richard Castranio, Vice Chairman

  • Paul Rigney, Treasurer

  • Kenneth Martin, Board Secretary

  • Virginia Anderson, Board Secretary

The Upper Allen Township Stormwater Authority (SWA) was established by Upper Allen Township on June 20, 2018. The board consists of five (5) members appointed by the Board of Commissioners.


The SWA was created by the Township Board of Commissioners for the sole purpose of repairing and improving the Township’s extensive system of stormwater infrastructure and program. It is the objective of the Authority to fulfill this mission in a way that is fair to all residents and taxpayers of the Township. For more information on the Township's stormwater/MS4 program, please see the link in the right-side menu.


Stormwater Fee Newsletter/Outreach
Fee Information/ Presentations
Township Interactive Map - Locate Your Property ERU Calculation

The Interactive Map is just a tool to help property owners understand and prepare for the upcoming fee.

It is only providing estimated numbers at this time. 


To use the Township Interactive Map when looking up your ERU amount:

(1) Click the link.

(2) Type your address in the search box (as seen below).





(3) Click on your property.

(4) You well then see a table with information on your property.

(5) Scroll to the bottom of the table to find your property's ERU calculation.


Once you have determined the amount of ERUs calculated at your property, please see below for an estimated annual fee amount:

$66 per ERU (4206 sq. ft.) per Year . ERU designation for each property is subject to change at this time.