Mariner East Pipeline Construction Update

Update: December 7, 2017: Construction activities continue to include pipeline testing of the horizontal directional drills beneath Route 15 and the PA Turnpike crossings.

Mariner East Newsletter No. 6 is available HERE.

Mariner East Newsletter No. 5 is available HERE.

Update: October 23, 2017: Construction activities continue to include horizontal directional drilling beneath South Market Street, and pipeline stringing and welding near Richard Lane.

Update: September 25, 2017: Construction activities continue, including utility work near Richard Lane, digging of a ditch near South Market Street, and continued horizontal directional drilling beneath Rte 15 and South Market Street.

Update: September 14, 2017: Construction crews will begin the pullback of the 20-inch pipeline at the I-76 directional drill.

Mariner East Newsletter No. 4 is available HERE.

Update: September 1, 2017: Crews will be off in observance of Labor Day on Monday, but will resume work on Tuesday.  Activities continue with: E&S  and pipe work near Williams Grove Rd; pipeline tie-ins near South Market Street, and continued horizontal drilling near I-76, Rte 15, and South Market St.

Update August 22, 2017: Notifications and prep work have been made in accordance with the Environmental Hearing Board settlement agreement to resume the Rte 15 horizontal directional drill drill (HDD) and the Route 15/Market Street horizontal directional drill (HDD).  Anticipated start days for both HDDs may be on or after August 28th.

Update August 18, 2017: Additional construction activities continue to include: E&S Control work near S York St; pipeline stringing and testing of the 20″ pipe near S Market St; and pipeline bending between US Rte 15 and S Market St.

Update: August 16, 2017: Construction activities continue to include: digging of ditch and lowering in 20″ pipeline between Eppley Rd and S Market St, as well as pipeline bending near Williams Grove Rd and Rossmoyne Rd.

Mariner East Newsletter No. 3 is available HERE.

Update August 14, 2017: Construction activities continue to include: pipeline coating work near Williams Grove Rd; and the guided drill under I-76 has resumed and per the clearance to continue from the Environmental Hearing Board.

Update August 6, 2017: Construction activities continue to include: pipeline stringing, bending and welding work between S Market St and Williams Grove Rd.  This includes pumping water for testing.

Update July 20, 2017: Construction activities continue to include: environmental control installation near Williams Grove Rd, pipeline coating and tie-in work near S Market St, and digging the ditch for the 20″ pipeline near Williams Grove Rd.

Update July 5, 2017: Construction activities continue to include pipeline stringing near South York Street (moving west), blasting rock and digging a ditch near S Market St, continued set up for the horizontal directional drill equipment on the east side of Route 15, and set up for the pilot hole for the I-76 horizontal direction drill.

Update June 30, 2017: Mariner East Newsletter no 2 available HERE.

Update May 17, 2017:   ROW clearing is complete. Construction activities will continue throughout the township this week. ROW grading will continue near South Market Street, as well as bending and welding pipe near South Market St. Work is also continuing on the South York Street road bore.

Update April 24, 2017: Construction crews will continue to work in Upper Allen this week.  Activities include: right-of-way grading, environmental controls, and road bore crews.

In February, the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection issued the necessary permits for
Sunoco Logistics’ Mariner East 2 pipeline project, an energy infrastructure system that is critical to
Pennsylvania’s economic future. In a comprehensive process spanning more than 2 ½ years – one that
included unprecedented public input — Sunoco Logistics provided detailed plans to minimize impacts to the
environment, protected species and cultural resources.
Construction of our Mariner East 2 system continues across the project footprint in accordance with all permits
and relevant regulations. Construction crews from eastern Ohio to southeastern Pennsylvania are working
safely, inspectors are working daily with construction teams to ensure we are protecting environmental and
cultural resources, and highly skilled laborers are ensuring safe pipeline installation.
Mariner East 2 consists of two new pipelines — a 20 inch pipeline and and 16 inch pipeline — approximately 350
miles in length that will transport propane, butane and ethane from the Marcellus and Utica shale areas of
Ohio, West Virginia and Western Pennsylvania eastward to the Marcus Hook Industrial Complex in
Southeastern Pennsylvania. Both pipelines will be installed as part of one construction project to minimize
disturbance to landowners and the environment.
Sunoco Logistics anticipates that construction of the 20 inch pipeline will be completed by the end of the third
quarter 2017 and construction of the 16 inch pipeline will be completed by the end of the first quarter 2018.
The Mariner East 2 system will be built and operated to standards that meet and in many cases exceed federal
pipeline safety regulations, using 75,000 tons of steel pipe, 100 percent made in America.
Pennsylvania’s future as an energy and manufacturing center has never been brighter, and Sunoco Logistics is
proud to be part of it.
For additional project information and updates, visit . Also, for questions or comments,
please call the project hotline at 855-430-4491.
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MarinerEast2_UpperAllenTownship 3


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