Restoration to the Historic Shepherdstown Keystone Marker located on the Gettysburg Pike

Upper Allen Township and Keystone Marker Trust, a non-profit organization, have collaborated to restore the historic Shepherdstown Keystone Marker located on the Gettysburg Pike.  These cast iron markers were installed throughout Pennsylvania between the 1920’s – 1940’s by the former Pennsylvania Department of Highways (now PennDOT) to mark the location of features such as cities, towns, rivers, streams, mountains, and historical sites.

The Keystone Marker Trust has established a cooperative program with the Cumberland Perry Area Vocational Technical School in Mechanicsburg in order to repaint these iconic traces of history.  The repainting of the marker will come at no cost to the taxpayers, and total restoration should be complete in early-to-mid-Spring.

Residents may go to for more information on this organization. Updates will also be provided in the next edition of the Township’s Newsletter.


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