Generally, snow plowing operations do not start until snow reaches about three (3) inches. Keeping the main roads open is our first priority. Salt and cinder operations could begin sooner if road conditions warrant. The Township will no longer plow curb to curb.  Our priority in residential developments is to plow at least one lane open in each direction.  Once all roads are open and snow has stopped falling, plows may return to widen the road, if possible.

Snow Removal Ordinance

Snow Plowing Guidelines and Reminders

Stay Back 200 Feet

Please be patient and keep back 200 feet. Just as with all large trucks, if you can’t see our mirrors, then we can’t see you. The trucks are constantly backing up and need room to be able to do their jobs.

It Takes A Long Time to Plow and Salt Roads

The Public Works staff provides winter maintenance on 75 miles of public roads.  Depending on the weather and the projected snow accumulation (3 inches or more), a full plow run takes twelve trucks about twelve hours to plow just one time.  When you factor in plowing one lane open in each direction, crews cover 150 miles of roads.

Once plowing is completed, trucks go around and salt all the roads.  It takes 5 hours to make one complete salt run using approximately 87 tons of salt at a cost of around $6,590.   The overtime cost to plow on a weekend for 14 hours costs around $3,969.

Don't Shovel Until We Plow

Do not shovel your sidewalks or driveways until we have plowed your street. With each pass, we push the snow back. Some wider streets require that the crew makes as many as four or five passes to get the snow off the street.

Don't Blow or Shovel Snow Into the Street

Residents who shovel or blow snow into the street violate a Township Ordinance and are subject to a fine. This is a safety issue for other motorists. Instead of shoveling or blowing snow into the street, you must shovel or blow the snow onto the residents’ property.  

Keep Parked Vehicles off the Streets Until Plowing is Complete

Upper Allen Township prohibits the parking of all vehicles on Township roads 2 hours after the start of continuous snowfall and until one lane has been plowed in each direction.

Mark Your Yard With Reflective Stakes When No Curb Is Present

Do not forget to mark your yard if there are no curbs. Any kind of reflective marker or stake about one foot off the road and two feet high will help us judge the edge and help save the grass.

Keep Your Children Safe and Away From the Road

 Remind your children to stay back off the road when playing. Snow forts at the edge of the road are extremely dangerous, as children can easily be hidden and trapped inside.

Move Play Equipment Off the Roads and Back 3 Feet

Basketball nets that are not off the road by three feet are illegal and prevent us from doing our jobs.

Snow Removal Priority Roads

Fire House, Police Station, Office Parking Lot, Gettysburg Pike, Cumberland Parkway, East Winding Hill Road, South York Street, West Lisburn Road Form Gettysburg Pike to RT 114, West Winding Hill Road, East Winding Hill Road, Allendale Road, Wilson Lane, Grantham Road, Mt Allen Drive, Kim Acres Drive, Bumble Bee Hollow Road, Mill Road, Hertzler Road, Fisher Road, Stumpstown Road, Arcona Road, Sinclair Road and Geneva Drive.

After the main roads are cleared and remain open, the crew will attempt to plow principle access roads into developments.

After the snow stops falling the crew will plow and salt the entire Township.